Premium thread rolling dies, nuts and bolting equipment

Eurospecial is a precision mechanical company specialised in the construction of tools and thread rolling dies for nuts and bolts. The experience and competence of a well-established company are now complemented by its responsiveness and drive for innovation, making Eurospecial your ideal partner to meet the most diverse requirements.

+    Flexibility

Not a catalogue but specially designed product categories with no size limitations.

+    Efficiency

A large raw materials warehouse enables short delivery times.

+    Specialisation

Manufacturing of special premium components which are difficult to find on the market.

+    Innovation

Continued investment in technology, training and human resources and a drive for renewal.

Products and services

The synthesis of competence and innovation

Our specialty is creep feeding, in particular for threaded profiles, e.g. metric, ogival and MAThread dies. This is the result of decades of ever-evolving experience in the field of sub-supplying for nuts and bolts and subcontract machining for turning, milling and grinding.
Products and services


Thread rolling dies: competence, specialisation, performance

We manufacture flat thread rolling dies for screws, nuts and bolts as well as parts with complex profiles and materials which are difficult to grind, such as high-speed steel for M2 and M42 tools and materials with high percentages of chrome or nickel. Our creep-feed grinding systems guarantee machining repeatability and extremely high precision.

Nuts and bolts equipment

Nuts and bolts equipment: experience, professionalism, flexibility

Thanks to decades of experience in the field of nuts and bolts subcontracting, we can meet our customers' needs with competence and professionalism, guaranteeing high performance and controlled quality. We produce high-speed steel and hard-metal tools of any size, according to drawings or samples.

Blades and cutting tools

Blades and cutting tools: special components for the steel industry

For more over 20 years we have specialised in the construction of special tools and blades for cutting and bevelling iron pipes, which are used by the most important iron and steel companies during manufacturing. They can also be installed on segmented pipe cutters directly at oil yards. Thanks to our large stock of high-speed steel we can guarantee very fast delivery times.

Subcontract processing

Eurospecial quality for your manufacturing tasks

The continuous technological upgrading of our machine park allows us to offer high quality and competence in turning, milling and grinding on behalf of third parties. We process most steels, including the entire range of high speed and powder steels. The potential of our machines allows us to manage small and medium productions.

Subcontract processing includes:
- automatic lathe processing with Swiss type lathe with bar passage 32 for small and big lots
- milling with machining centres with strokes up to 1270x670.


Pettini filettatori: competenza, specializzazione, performance

Costruiamo pettini piani filettatori per viteria e bulloneria e lavoriamo particolari con profili complessi e materiali di difficile rettificabilità, come acciai rapidi per utensili M2 e M42 e materiale con elevate percentuali di cromo o nichel. I nostri impianti di rettifica creep-feed garantiscono ripetibilità delle lavorazioni ed elevatissime precisioni di esecuzione.

Attrezzatura per bulloneria

Attrezzatura per bulloneria: esperienza, professionalità, flessibilità

Grazie a una pluridecennale esperienza nel campo della sub-fornitura per bulloneria, sappiamo rispondere alle esigenze dei nostri clienti con competenza e professionalità, garantendo elevate prestazioni e qualità controllata. Produciamo utensili in acciaio rapido ed in metallo duro, di qualsiasi dimensione, a disegno o a campione.

Lame e utensili da taglio

Lame e utensili da taglio: componenti speciali per la siderurgia

Da più di 20 anni siamo specializzati nella costruzione di utensili e lame speciali per taglio e smusso di tubi in ferro, utilizzate dalle più importanti realtà siderurgiche nella costruzione dei loro prodotti. Possono anche essere installati su tagliatubi a settori direttamente nei cantieri petroliferi. Grazie all’ampio magazzino di acciaio super rapido possiamo garantire tempi di consegna molto veloci.

Lavorazioni conto terzi

La qualità Eurospecial per le tue lavorazioni

Il continuo aggiornamento tecnologico del nostro parco macchine ci permette di offrire ad alti livelli di qualità e competenza lavorazioni conto-terzi di tornitura, fresatura e rettifica. Lavoriamo la maggior parte degli acciai, compresa l’intera gamma di acciai rapidi e da polveri. La potenzialità delle macchine permette di gestire piccole e medie produzioni.

Le lavorazioni conto terzi sono:
- torneria automatica con tornio fantina passaggio barra 32 per piccoli e grossi lotti
- fresatura con centri di lavoro con corse fino a 1270x670.

Machine park

2 CNC Swiss type lathes

3 CNC lathes

3 jigsaws for cuts up to 400 mm

3 machining centres of different sizes

5 die grinding + 4 plane grinding

4 external grinding

2 hole grinding

Wire erosion


A drive for continuous improvement

For Eurospecial reliability is not only synonymous with an effective Quality Control system at every stage of the production process: it also means agile manufacturing planning systems, continuous improvement of NC programmes and machining cycles as well as traceability for each tool produced under strict controls of all manufacturing variables.

Tell us about your projects, we will make them happen together.